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Pilots Information


25 , 53 , 47 S    28 , 01 , 55 E        Runway 08 / 26        4700 ft. Airfield Elevation        Frequency 125,8

Prior permission required before landing. Contact Eagle's Creek Aviation Estate:

Pilots to contact Lanseria ATC on 124.00 before entering the circuit or take off.

Aircraft to join overhead at an altitude of 6300 ft.

Circuits to the south of the airfield.

Circuit height 1000 ft. agl. 5700 ft. (downwind leg on Summit road.)

Land uphill rwy 26 ; take off rwy 08 , wind permitting.

Landings on runway 08 require prior approval from Lanseria ATC.

No low flying or beat ups allowed in the proximity of the airfield.

All aircraft must be transponder equipped.

All relevant CAA and municipal rules must be complied with.

All landings must be full stop landings; no touch and go.

No circuit training allowed.