SA Steel Structures - airplane hangars for sale

Main Contractor – SA Steel Structures

The exclusive Eagle’s Creek Estate has been developed to the highest standard, using only the finest materials and designs for its hangars. The hangars have been manufactured and erected by SA Steel Structures, a highly reputable and well-established contractor specializing in aviation hangars.

The vision: To create and erect aeroplane hangars of the highest quality and standards.

Armand Greyvensteyn, owner of Eagle’s Creek, established the aviation estate with the view of creating the highest quality hangars available in South Africa today. To achieve this, the company set out to source the best contractor available to develop sturdy and well-built hangars. This was not an easy task and the search continued until early 2012, when Armand was put in touch with SA Steel Structures.

SA Steel Structures was initially contracted to manufacture and erect one hangar. Showing a high level of competency and professionalism throughout the manufacturing and erection of this first hangar, Armand was confident that he had found the best contractor for creating the high quality hangars he had envisioned. SA Steel Structures was then awarded the contract to manufacture and erect all hangars within the Eagle’s Creek Aviation Estate.

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